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Christine WaughYou haven't peaked yet!Business consulting and professional developmentGet ready to soar!
Rotary Club: Eugene Southtowne
Phone: 541 270-0399
Eugene, Oregon

Leader Support Service, LLC – Business Consulting and Professional Development

Increase your management effectiveness. Get support, guidance and inspiration!

You’ll get more important projects done, while you maintain focus on the day-to-day operation of your workplace. Services include business consulting, professional development training, coaching and facilitation.  Don’t wait until you have more time, because that will never happen! Get those important tasks off your back burner now! Christine will help. Her background, experience and flexibility give you:

Professional Services

  • Business Consulting with an knowledgeable and confidential advisor
  • Professional Development Training to prepare so your team to succeed on the fly
  • Leadership Coaching so you can reach your goals more quickly
  • Interim Manager for temporary needs or periods of transition
  • Meeting Facilitation because your team needs to focus on your vision and plan

About Christine Waugh:

I’m Christine Waugh. My business and passion is Leader Support Service, delivering customized business consulting and professional development training to a variety of clients who want to soar higher. My background is in business management, civic leadership and hang gliding. A Rotarian for 25 years, I am past president of the Newport Club, and president-elect of the Eugene Southtowne Club. Serve on the District Leadership Training Team and Membership Support Team. Paul Harris +3

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